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Chat Box!
The chat is in the bottom of the home page!

1: be respectful - no mean Nobles.
2: please don't spam or advertise.
3: all general forum rules apply.
4: have fun! :D
Rules of Crystal Tokyo

Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:05 am by Neo Queen Serenity

PSA: Crystal Tokyo is a PG-13 site. Remember that and keep it in mind when you post.

Our rules are fairly relaxed, but please make sure you read them carefully.

Respect each other. This means we do not want religious or political debates, OOC arguments, or any unnecessary flaming. Trolling other members will result in a seven-day ban from the forums. We do not want drama here.

You may only …

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Rules for the Role Play

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Rules for the Role Play

Post by Neo Queen Serenity on Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:13 pm

HI!! i am your wonderful and beautiful admin Neo Queen Serenity!!! I am here to lay down the rules for our Role Playing game.

NO TEXT TALK IN THE ROLE PLAY FORUMS!!!!!! try to use correct spelling and grammar. other than that have fun and play nice.
the rules can and will be updated as needed as we continue along this journey.

We'd like for Role Players to post at least twice a week but no less that once a week. we'd like your posts to be at least 150 words but 50-100 will be fine. No one liners we do want at least four lines per RP post. Be nice to each other and don't cause problems. if you do the first time will be a warning, the second will be a temp ban and the third will be permeant ban from the site. 3 strikes, ok.
as you can see i have a problem capitalizing things, that's ok here, however we would like to see correct grammar usage and spelling but again a slip every now and again is not a problem, and we aren't grammar nazis here, but please NO TEXT TALK, not even when your character is texting another character, this one is personal and i'm sorry guys but i don't understand it and i really don't want to have a dictionary out just to read the posts.

SUMT is NOT allowed. If I see any thing like it, I will warn you once and then if you post stuff like that again you will be banned.

Here are a few more rules to follow.

1. Be respectful to other members I will not tolerate racism or bullying

2. Keep it clean in the chat box and keep swears to a minimum

3. God modding, which is controlling someone else's character without their express permission, is not allowed. When attacking someone, you cannot write about their actions. When talking to someone, you cannot have their reply in your post.
Perfect characters and Metagaming are also expressly banned.

4. You cannot start to roleplay before your character has been approved. You will know when your bio has been approved as a Character Moderator or Admin will have replied to it telling you it has been accepted. If not, they will point out what you have missed or need to change and you can edit it accordingly.

5. No inapropriate content. eg pornographic images/videos ect.

6. In the case of signatures: Please dont stretch the page with massive signatures

7.Please do not beg, badger or complain if you cant get your own way.

Please post Read and Understood or R&U in this topic as a way to let us know you've read the rules.
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