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Rules of Crystal Tokyo

Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:05 am by Neo Queen Serenity

PSA: Crystal Tokyo is a PG-13 site. Remember that and keep it in mind when you post.

Our rules are fairly relaxed, but please make sure you read them carefully.

Respect each other. This means we do not want religious or political debates, OOC arguments, or any unnecessary flaming. Trolling other members will result in a seven-day ban from the forums. We do not want drama here.

You may only …

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Senshi: Sailor Pluto

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Senshi: Sailor Pluto

Post by Crystal Sailor Pluto on Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:30 pm

General Information

Name: Setsuna Meioh

Gender: Female

Birthday: October 29th

Age: Around 20. Not exactly known.

Birthplace: Japan

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn): Setsuna is a tall, dark skinned beauty. She has dark green hair, dark red eyes, a strong jaw, a slender but athletic body, long slim legs, and long delicate fingers. Her hair always has a bun at the crown of her head. In her civilian form she can usually be found in a fashionable dress or feminine office suit, and heels. Her favorite colors to wear are dark green, purple, red, and black.

Setsuna wants to be a fashion designer so she is always keeping up with the latest trends. She likes to wear black lace and silky shirts that feel good on her skin. She is also a fan of tall boots. Leather, faux fur, or whatever is in style. But her guilty pleasure in fashion is a her best fitting plain black cotton shirt and her favorite pair of boot cut jeans. They make her feel comfortable and sexy all at the same time.

Personality: Setsuna is a cool headed person. She's not very loud or obnoxious, but ver y quiet. She is very opinionated but doesn't shove into other people's faces. She is by far the most mature senshi of the group, and it shows when people take her opinion seriously. She acts as a mother figure to Hotaru and all the Inner Senshi, guiding them with her wise words and experience.

But there's a sadder side to Setsuna too. As the Guardian of the Time Gate, she has lived for thousands of years, simply standing at her station and watching over an abyss of nothingness. She is able to see the world from her Garnet Orb but she still is only watching. Because of this, she always has been isolated from the others, even when interacting with them, you can faintly see the abysmal loneliness in her eyes.

But she is a strong woman, and she pushes on, knowing that this duty was given to her because she can handle it. In her body runs the blood of Chronos, and so she much take this position with a patient and willing heart.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: With her Garnet Orb she can look through the Time Vortex and gaze upon different time periods. She also had an endless amount of patience.

History: Setsuna was born during the Silver Millennuim, and was trained and given the duty of being the Guardian of the Time gate. Once she reached maturity she stopped aging, giving her the ability to watch over the gate for thousands of years. She was given her Three Taboos to never break, and for a very long time she was a good Guardian and a strong Senshi.

She watched the fall of the Silver Millennium and mourned for it. For all the beautiful moon people and the Royal Moon family. She watched as Sailor Saturn swung her Silence Glaive down and ended everything. She helped Uranus and Neptune seal Saturn away and continued on with her long life at the Time Gate, mourning for the loss and hoping and praying for a better future.

She watched the Inner Senshi be reborn on earth and rejoiced when she saw the beautiful Moon Princess. She was even more happy when she saw her first transformation into Sailor Moon. She thanked the Cosmos. Now she would be able to fight evil better than before.

Then came the Black Moon clan. The warping of times and the Black Crystal made Setsuna's life extremely hard. During the final battle she became anxious, and leaving Diana at her post, she went to help out in the fight. When she came to Crystal Tokyo, she couldn't believe her eyes. Diamande was about to make the 2 Silver Crystals touch, which would mean the end of the world. The ultimate destruction.

She decided to stop time. Lifting her Garnet Rod, she called Time to stop. Sailor Moon removed the crystals from Diamande and the world was saved. Then she died.

She was then reborn into present day Tokyo, as an unawakened Senshi. When she did finally awaken, her and the other Outers were given the task of finding the Talismans and keeping Saturn from awakening. They succeeded in finding the Talismans, but they eventually awakened Saturn out of Mistress 9 and she began the destruction of Pharoh 90. Following Saturn's order, Pluto used her Garnet Rod to close the Time Door and seal away Pharoh 90 and save the Earth. Hotaru was then reborn as a baby and the Outers were given the task of raising her.

During SuperS Setsuna and the Outers were away taking care of Hotaru and living a normal life.

When Stars comes around, Pluto and the Outers are called to battle again to help the Inner Senshi find out about Shadow Galactica. During this time Pluto is homeschooling Hotaru because of her accelerated growth rate. Pluto knows that something terrible is coming from how fast Hotaru is maturing. When the final battle comes and they face Galaxia, Pluto and Saturn die at the hands of Uranus and Neptune.

Then, thanks to Sailor Moon, her Star Seed is returned to her and Pluto is revived again and is able to live out the rest of her life on earth.

Additional Information: This is just a general Pluto character profile so I can play her in different RPs but for one of the RPs I have signed up for the plot is a little "Twisted." (ahaha bad pun.) In Twisted Nightmares, the Outers are the ones fighting the Dead Moon Circus while the Inners, Sailor Moon, ChibiUsa, and Mamoru are locked away in dream mirrors.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Pluto

Senshi Fuku: In her senshi form, Sailor Pluto, she has the same bun in her hair. Her outfit is a variation of the Senshi sailor suit. She has red arrow shaped earrings, a black sailor fuku with no stripes, a white one-peice leotard with a separator under the breast line, a black pleated skirt that hits mid-thigh, a red ribbon sitting at her lower back, and another red ribbon over her chest at the base of the sailor fuku, with a red orb sitting in the center. She wears white gloves that hit at her elbows with three pleats at the ends, and black, heeled boots that come up to her knees and end in a white stripe.

In her Super form, her outfit is generally the same, save for a white stripe on her sailor collar, the red orb on her chest ribbon is now a heart, her back ribbon is longer, and transparent sleeves have been added under her normal sleeve pleats.

In her Eternal form her necklace gem changes to a star, her sleeves change to transparent bubbles ended with black pleats, her gloves stretch up to her upper arms, her heart gem on her chest ribbon changes to a star, her back ribbon changes to a thinner and longer version, ribbons are added around her waist with a star in the middle above her skirt, and her shirt adds a layer of transparent fabric under the black fabric. Her boots change from black to white with a black stripe at the top, and a star at the very top point on each.

Henshin/Transformation: Pluto Planet Power, Make Up! Pluto Crystal Power, Make Up!


Dead Scream: Pluto summons a purple ball of energy and shoots it at the enemy, wounding them badly. This her main attack. It is a very strong attack.

Chronos Typhoon: Pluto summons a cyclone of wind and energy from her Garnet Orb and shoots it at the enemy. This is a stronger attack than Dead Scream, for she uses her Talisman to perform it. The enemy gets hurt badly.

Garnet Ball: This is a protective power. She can use her Garnet Orb to make a shield around her and other people around her. This shield is very strong.

Dark Dome Close: This is one of Pluto's strongest powers. Using her Garnet Rod, she can close the Time Door from a distance. She used this power in the S season to seal away Pharoh 90.

Time Stop: This is Pluto's forbidden and strongest power. She can use her Garnet Rod to stop time completely for a short time. But if she uses this power, she will die.

Weapons or Magical Items:

Henshi Rod: She uses her Henshin rod to transform into Sailor Pluto.

Pluto Crystal: Pluto uses the Pluto Crystal to transform into Super Sailor Pluto

Garnet Rod: Pluto's Garnet Rod looks like a giant key. She uses it to control the Time Door and perform Dead Scream, Dark Dome Close, and Time Stop. Pluto has access to it even in her civilian form.

Garnet Orb: Pluto's Garnet Orb sits on top of her Garnet Rod. It is her Talisman and can be used to help awaken Saturn, and perform Garnet Ball and Chronos Typhoon.

Time Keys: Pluto is in possession of many Time Keys that hang on a rope around her waist. These Time Keys give the person holding it the power to open up the Time-Space Vortex and travel Time.

Guardian: Pluto has a Guardian in her Charon Castle on Pluto. Not much is known about the Guardian.

RP Sample: Standing at the Time Gate never seemed to get old to Pluto.

She always had to be on high alert for any signs of a threat. Little noises and differences in the scenery were alerts to Pluto that something was off. Things not of this world were always trying to get to the Time Gate. That's why Pluto was there.

But there were days when nothing seemed to be disturbing the peace. It was on these days where she called on her Garnet Orb to show her the world she longed to be in.

She watched the young Moon Princess and her Guardians as they lived out their lives on Earth. She giggled at their antics and petty arguments over food or idols. The Princess had always been an outgoing one. Even in the Silver Millennium her and the Guardian of Mars butted heads.

She watched the young Prince too. He was such a handsome young man, Pluto could understand why the Princess had fallen head over heels for him.

Pluto had too.

Or more, Pluto had fallen for the King. King Endymion, ruler of Crystal Tokyo and the whole Earth, beside his beautiful Neo-Queen Serenity. His beautiful lavender cape, deep blue eyes, strong jaw, and courageous personality all had captured Pluto's heart.

That's not to say she wasn't happy for her King and Queen. She was. She was just a tiny bit envious of the Queen.

Even more so now, that she saw the young Princess, soon-to-be Queen, got to live a whole new life in present day Tokyo. Pluto longed for the day where she could enjoy such a luxury.

Even still, she loved the Princess with all her heart. She loved all the Senshi. Every single one of them. And she knew, that they needed her here, protecting the Time Gate.

So she stood and watched. Waiting for the day they needed her on Earth.
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Re: Senshi: Sailor Pluto

Post by Neo Queen Serenity on Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:16 pm

Approved get your butt out there and have fun!!
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