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Rules of Crystal Tokyo

Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:05 am by Neo Queen Serenity

PSA: Crystal Tokyo is a PG-13 site. Remember that and keep it in mind when you post.

Our rules are fairly relaxed, but please make sure you read them carefully.

Respect each other. This means we do not want religious or political debates, OOC arguments, or any unnecessary flaming. Trolling other members will result in a seven-day ban from the forums. We do not want drama here.

You may only …

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Galaxies Reunite:Information and Main Plot

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Galaxies Reunite:Information and Main Plot

Post by Neo Queen Serenity on Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:04 am

The Main plot is about how the universe and earth are attacked by evil gods. One Good Goddess heads to earth to inform the senshi, that the the evil gods have a army, and are planing on attacking every single living thing until it finds the power it needs to move across the universe. Earth is attacked by 2 of its soldiers and its minions and is almost destroyed, but usagi uses her powers to stop time, and puts the earth to sleep, after a 1000 years the earth awakens and crystal tokyo is created. The plague realizes that the power it needs is in one of these beings born of this millenium. The leader of the army sends 2 soldiers to attack crystal tokyo. The senshi grow up get married and have children. After a decade and a half of peace, the goddess returns and informs them that the akujin had sent 3 soldiers who have been killing every senshi born till now, and that she will give them all new powers to travel thru the universe and to protect the senshi that were born in this millenium, and to protect the one senshi that was born with the most amount of her powers. They must then travel to the realm of the evil gods and defeat the Lilith.

Information of the Gods:

The Akujin (evil gods) and the Zenshin (good Gods) have been battling each other for many eons. The Zenshin decided to create the Universe (for unknown reasons) which angered the Akujin, as the Zenshin would be able to draw upon the energies that would be created by the new Universe. The Akujin schemed and bided their time, waiting for an opportunity to out-do the Zenshin - they needed great amount of energy an opportunity presented itself to them in the form of Lilith, a guardian to the Zenshin, getting Lilith on their side - would help fuel the sins better because she's not of their creation, therefore her power can be used to be fed off of and corrupted, into creating new armies. However, this army cannot sustain itself, and Lilith will be unable to power the army for long with her own energy. But if the Akujin can find a source of power for their army, they will finally triumph over the Zenshin. They did not know that there was a seer among the Zenshin who could prevent the Akujinís plans from coming into full fruition.

Information on Major Otaku Character:

Kuria Miraizou: is a Goddess who is an outcast in her realm because of her prophetic visions. After having a vision of the Akujinís schemes, she expended her powers to create guardians - one for every planet, in every galaxy in the newborn Universe, who were then called Senshi. As she was about to create these warriors, Kuria experienced another vision, of a powerful being that would one day belong to a specific galaxy, and a specific planet. Kuria sensed the beingís power and knew that it was her own power, and that the immense amount of power the being possessed would be enough to power the Akujin so that they can destroy the Universe and the Zenshi. She knew that she would have to send a temporary guardian to guard this galaxy. Thus Guadian Cosmos and the galaxy cauldron were created. Kuria left Guardian Cosmos the authority over the chauldron and who will be able to inherit the immense power of Lambda to become Sailor Cosmos. Kuria had another vision after a couple milleniums. Kuria was horrified, since after all her careful planing, the akujin are trying to take over the universe and it's going to be from someone she respected, Lilith. Lilith betrayed the zenshi, and transformed her friends the holy guards to soldiers of sin. At the end of the vision she saw two sin soldiers leave. She sensed the immense power from these two and knew that she had to warn her precious galaxy. Kuria didnt want any more damage to come to this galaxy. The guardians of this galaxy, her children have already gone to war against each other which no mother ever wishes upon their children.

Lilith: Lilith was the firstborn creation of the Zenshin from before the Universe was created. Unlike the Zenshin or Akujin, she experienced uncontrollable emotions and desires. The King of the Zenshin and Lilith Fell in love in secrecy and lilith was impregnated with his child. The King ruled that she was to remain in Eden, because he did not want her pregnancy to become known, she was forced to stay there with her child for however long she lived, as the Guardian of Eden. In the birthplace of the stars, Lilith grew resentful for a time. Lilith cared for and watched over her child for ages untold. The King asked kuria to see into the future to wether this child will be a danger.The Akujin found out about lilith and her child. They knew that if they sent the plague into the garden of eden that lilith could survive the effects but because of the child who had less power and defence it would catch the sickness quickly. The king sensed the darkness within the garden and commanded the holy guards to kill the child so as to not let the sickness spread. Lilith was caught between grief and rage as the Child was taken away to be killed. The akujin knew that liliths emotions would come to their benefit. She then became a demoness. In a fury, she channeled her darker emotions into the hearts of the 7 Holy Guards of the Zenshin - as she had once channeled all her emotions into the heart of child that she loved so dearly and was not able to follow out of Eden.
The Holy Guards were consumed by the newfound turmoil in their hearts, and soon became as resentful of the Zenshin as Lilith was. She then left to join the Akujin outside of the Garden of eden, and the corrupted Guards followed her. For Her betrayal the Zenshins cursed her, in forcing her to give birth to 100 demons a day, and then killing them. After having experienced this a thousand times lilith swore to capture and torture any new lifeform that was born. Lilithís treachery was provoked by the Akujin themselves, unbeknownst to her, as they had infected her ëchildí with a terrible, corruptive power, and necessitated the removal of the child from her side by the Zenshin.

The Milky Way Galaxy: A large amount of power from Kuria was sent to the Moon in the Sol System, burrowing into the ground. Eventually, it evolved to become a powerful Crystal... that continued to shed its power in the form small shards that spread to other celestial objects in the Milky Way Galaxy. On the day that Queen Selenity was crowned, scavengers brought to her the most beautiful object that they had ever seen (as tribute to her on the day of her coronation): it was a diamond-like Crystal that shone with all the colors of the rainbow. When Selenity touched the Crystal with her fingertips, she saw within its depths the image of the Goddess Kuria, and the Crystal lit up with a blinding light. Selenity understood then that the Crystal could - and would - grant incredible power to herself and her descendants. She declared the Crystal to be the, ìImperium Silver Crystal,î and used it to grant the Milky Way Galaxy over a thousand years of peace - an era that came to be called the Silver Millennium, and Queen Selenity reigned over the Moon and all the other planets.
Kuriaís power granted those who were royalty on other planets the ability to have at least two children. SSG did not want Queen Selenity to have more than one child because there was only the one Imperium Silver Crystal to be passed down through future generations. The eldest children born to other queens were intended to become the heirs to their planetary thrones, and the younger children became their older siblingís Guardian Senshi. Each sibling was equal in power.
When Princess Serenity was born, she was born with the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal within her. And so Kuriaís gifted power grew within Serenity as time passed, and by the time Chibi-Usa was born this power was immense. The Akujin were able to sense Serenityís power and know it to be the power that they needed to support their armies.
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